Dark Grass Blue Zizeeria karsandra

Dark Grass Blue (Zizeeria karsandra)

Location: Maolin, Taiwan

See Z. karsandra in Thailand.

See Z. karsandra in China.


7 responses to “Dark Grass Blue Zizeeria karsandra

  1. WOW… both Dark and Pale Grass Blue are incrediblly beautiful <3

    1. I agree Sid! Thanks.

  2. Nice catch! Beautiful light and details in this.

    1. Thank you! I love the little blues.

  3. Nick Morgan Avatar
    Nick Morgan

    Nice picture. I went searching for Zizeeria knysna down by the river here a few days ago. According to my European book karsandra is a sub-species of knysna. Although according to some web sites they are two different species! I never know what to believe.
    The book I have ordered is Las Mariposas Diurnas de Sierre Nevada. It is written by five prophessors from Granada University. Only problem is that it is in Spanish!! However it is over 500 pages with two pages per species with pictures taken in the Sierra Nevada and notes on identifying many species in a separate chapter. I found it available as free downloads, but like the idea of pouring over it and other books to try to ID what I saw.

    1. I never know what to believe either! It can be quite frustrating at times. I’m trying to go back and fix mistakes I have because I didn’t know what to believe at the time, and made the wrong call! I imagine that will always be a never ending process.
      But that is very interesting. Did you find knysna on your trip? I’m excited to see what all you found this trip. I google Sierra Nevada butterflies yesterday, and they look quite interesting. Sounds like a great book. Do you speak Spanish? I use guides not in English all the time. Althought I can read a fair bit of Chinese, I don’t know the more scientific characters, and so I always have to look them up. Google translate is probably a good bet for Spanish. It sounds like a great book. I’d rather have the actual book rather than an electronic or PDF copy, when it comes to butterfly books. And I’m totally committed to my Kindle for almost everything else in life. The only exception is cookbooks and butterfly books! No substitute for the real deal with those!

    2. Nick, one quick question? What books would you recommend for Europe or other places you’ve been? What are your favorites? I was just thinking that there is a bit of overlap with European and Chinese species and I’d love to have something actually in in English, besides the Thailand book, which is enormous and fantastic, but still! I can never have too many, right?

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