Dark Swift Caltoris cahira austeni

Dark Swift (Caltoris cahira austeni)

Dark Swift (Caltoris cahira austeni)

Dark Swift (Caltoris cahira austeni)

Location: Maolin, Taiwan


4 responses to “Dark Swift Caltoris cahira austeni

  1. Photos are always breathtaking (especially the first one) <3
    Ciao Sid

    1. Thank you Sid!

  2. I think I saw one of these in my garden a couple of days ago. We are finally getting some butterflies after all spring and early summer not having any. I think they must have been killed with the ice storm we had in April. At least that’s all I can figure out.

    1. I’m so glad you are finally getting the butterflies! Remember that happened the year I was in NZ too. They didn’t show up til late summer. I wonder if it just goes in cycles?

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