Brown Soldier Junonia hedonia ida

Brown Soldier (Junonia hedonia ida)

Brown Soldier (Junonia hedonia ida)

Brown Soldier (Junonia hedonia ida)

Locattion: Bali, Indonesia


2 responses to “Brown Soldier Junonia hedonia ida

  1. Junonia is an amazing Genus. They are all so different and so beautiful in their own way. This one seems to be one of the least flamboyant, but beautiful nonetheless. That’s interesting damage on the wing of the butterfly in the first picture. I wonder if that happened when the wings were first drying out.

    1. I really love the Junonia’s. I kept wanting to see this one in Asia, but never came across it til Bali. It is a bit plain compared to the others, but I really like it. And you are probably right about it happening when the wings were drying. I actually saw that quite a bit this year…any ideas why?

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