Short-banded Sailer Phaedyma columella bataviani

Short-banded Sailer (Phaedyma columella bataviani)

Short-banded Sailer (Phaedyma columella bataviani)

Location: Bali, Indonesia


3 responses to “Short-banded Sailer Phaedyma columella bataviani

  1. Lovely picture of a beautiful butterfly. I can’t believe how many butterflies you saw in Bali!

    1. Nick, I still have some from Bali to post if our internet ever gets back to normal! You would not believe it, but all these butterflies from Bali where actually photographed in 3 days on the grounds of an ecolodge we stayed at! It was just in their garden’s and in the forest surrounding. The place was just a little oasis in the city, set on an University campus. The owner actually wrote a lovely little book about the butterflies of Bali. We were on a business trip, and so didn’t have much free time, but I booked us at this place for 3 days just so I could butterfly and so Wade could sit by the pool and read and rest! Hopefully I can get the rest up soonish!

      1. Wow, that place sounds amazing. I love areas like that which are so good for butterflies despite development all around. It sounds like a lovely place to visit. Your holiday priorities sound so familiar. We choose holiday destinations with a pool for Claire to read and rest by while I go off on wee butterfly forays! Oh, and these days we need wifi to keep the kids happy! I hope your internet is up and running soon.

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