Hypolycaena sipylus capella

Hypolycaena sipylus

Hypolycaena sipylus

Hypolycaena sipylus

Hypolycaena sipylus

Bali, Indonesia


6 responses to “Hypolycaena sipylus capella

  1. Wow! What a fantastic butterfly. You managed a great selection of pictures, too. I bet you were thrilled!

    1. Nick, I was super thrilled! And I actually saw two of these guys, which made me even more happy and which is why I got a couple of different good shots. It is just such a little beauty!

  2. Breathtaking <3

    1. I agree Sid…it is just so beautiful.

  3. Texanita (Texie) Cole Royal Avatar
    Texanita (Texie) Cole Royal

    You captured this little guy just perfectly. I love these little ‘hair streaks. I’m always thrilled when I see one of this group in my garden. Wonderful pictures Sylvia.

    1. Thanks Mom. Do you still have as many Hair Streaks now that that one bush is gone? They used to love that bush! So many different kinds on that.

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