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Mariposa Copper Tharsalea mariposa

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I have the best luck finding Mariposa Coppers in meadows or boggy areas, and a moist boggy meadows is the place I’ve had the best luckk. But I have also found them in regular dry meadows and along roadsides.

Crane Prairie, Deschutes County, Oregon

43.7969, -121.76218 At the Crane Prairie Campground, beside Crane Prairie Resevoir. In an open grassy area between the edge of the campsites drive and the tree line.

July 9, 2023

Maripos Copper butterfly ventral view on flower
Mariposa Copper resting on a flower

Lost Prairie, Linn County, Oregon

44.40367, -122.07575 At the edge of Lost Prairie, near the tree line. Lost Prairie is on the Santiam Highway, close to the Hackleman Old Growth Grove Trail.

July 15, 2023

Mariposa Copper butterfly with wings slightly spread
male Mariposa Copper resting in the sun on a very hot, dry day


  • Look for T mariposa where blueberries are present.
  • Can still be flying very late, up to first snowfall.

See T. mariposa in Washington.


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