Behr's Hiarstreak butterfly

Behr’s Hairstreak Satyrium behrii

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Apparently the Behr’s Hairstreak are quite abundant, but I had never seen one before. Look for them on bitterbrush in hot dusty terrain, along roads and edges of the forest. I found these at the puddle located along the highline path, and it was quite hot and dusty. They also occur in Washington, but in a narrower range.

W Boundary Road, Klamath County, Oregon

42.87048, -121.84779 At the puddle beside Sand Creek

July 8, 2023

close up shot of  Behr's Hairsteak puddling
Behr’s Hairstreak puddling in a sandy spot along the road
Satyrium behrii, ventral view
note the hint of orange on the chevron just above the blue patch
Behr's Hairstreak butterfly puddling at a sandy spot
Satyrium behrii puddling


  • Check bitterbrush bushes where sulphur-flower buckwheat is also found.
  • May to September, with peak in June-July
  • Supposedly, it will be easier to photograph when preoccupied nectaring.


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