Dark Wood Nymph

Dark Wood Nymph Cercyonis oetus oetus

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Aka Small Wood Nymph – Quite variable, often found in grassy areas.

W Boundary Road, Klamath County, Oregon

42.87051, -121.84767

Dark Wood Nymph butterfly, ventral view
Dark Wood Nymph puddling
Dark Wood Nymph at same location as above

I saw several Dark Wood Nymphs at this sight, not sure really how many. I’m not even sure if this is the same individual or two different ones. They were very skittish and hard to photograph on this day.


  • Smaller than the Common and Great Basin Wood Nymphs
  • Pelham notes “populations from drier areas are lighter and populations from wetter areas are darker.”
  • Females larger eyespots.


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