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Northern Checkerspot Chlosyne palla

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W Boundary Road, Klamath County, Oregon

The Northern Checkerspot is a common species, but they seem to have quite a bit of variation, so I’m not always sure without careful examination of my photos on the computer screen and checking distribution maps.

42.87047, -121.84784 At mud puddle between Boundary Road and Sand Creek, where Sand Creek crosses under the road.

July 8, 2023

Northern Checkerspot puddling, ventral view
It was so hard to get a ventral shot of this Northern Crescent. It just kept turning or skipping away when I got low and close up.
Northern Checkerspot dorsal view
I believe this is likely a male, see notes below.


  • Males upperside is orange; females upperside more yellowish-buff.
  • Check distribution maps and county lists carefully. Only found in limited areas of Oregon and Washington.

See C. palla in Washington.


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