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Pale Swallowtail Papilio eurymedon

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Pale Swallowtails are easy to identify, even during flight in the Pacific Northwest. They are noticeably lighter than other brighter yellow swallowtais, and have distinctive tiger stripes. Papilio eurymedon nectar on many different blooms, and can often even be found in the garden.

W Boundary Road, Klamath County, Oregon

42.87049, -121.84772 At large puddle between Boundary Road and Sand Creek, beneath the highlines area.

July 9, 2023

Pale Swallowtail butterfly puddling
Pale Swallowtail puddling in sandy area by Sand Creek

Although Pale Swallowtails were extremely abundant in Washington, especially in the Blue Mountains during 2023, this was the only one I saw in Oregon.


  • Look for Pale Swallowtails nectaring or resting in bushes early in the day, and for males puddling once it has turned hot.
  • Is found in Tri-cities area of Benton County, although not found in driest basin areas.

See P. eurymedon in Washington.


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