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Summit Blue Euphilotes glaucon

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While I was at the site photographing this, I thought it was either a Cascade or Columbia Blue. But when I got home and looked at it, I was pretty sure it was not either of those. But after carefully looking at all the maps and checking the counties in Oregon Butterfly Records, it could really only be the Summit Blue butterfly. Most likely males.

W Boundary Road, Klamath County, Oregon

42.87046, -121.84781 At the mud puddle at Sand Creek

July 8, 2023

Summit Blue butterfly puddling
Summit Blue butterfly puddling
male Summit Blue buatterfly
the little slice of blue on the dorsal tells me this is a male Euphilotes glaucon
macro shot of Summit Blue butterfly
this is the closest shot I was able to get
Euphilotes glaucon Summit Blue puddling
Summit Blue puddling


  • On the wing early May to mid August.
  • Buckwheats
  • While common in Oregon, Euphilotes glaucon is possibly only found in one location in Washington. Older sources say E. glaucon at Bethel Ridge, Yakima County and around Mt. Adams in Washington. But updated lists it is either no longer included or listed as still questionable in Washington. This was the first time I had encountered it.


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