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Western Pine Elfin Callophrys eryphon

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Western Pine Elfins are really fast flyers, and can be hard to catch. But when they do alight, I find them usually cooperative to be photographed.

Crane Prairie, Deschutes County, Oregon

43.79695, -121.76211 At a campsite we picnicked at next to Crane Prairie Reservoir.

July 9, 2023

Western Pine Elfin nectaring on clover
the only Western Pine Elfin I saw

This is such a bad shot. But it is all I got. I chased and chased this guy and it just skipped from clover blossom to clover blossom, never letting me get close enough and low enough to really get a shot. I was able to snap this just before it took off down the shore where I couldn’t follow because of heavy growth. So I’m thankful for it, bad as it is. He sure gave me a merry chase. He was not a willing model, unlike most.


  • Males visit mud and perch on pine boughs.
  • A spring butterfly, look for it eary.

See C. eryphon in Washington.


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