Hello, I’m Sylvia and I love photographing butterflies! This is where I keep a journal of the butterflies I encounter.

I started this site in 2007 as a way to keep track of all the butterflies in the garden. But then I moved to Asia and butterflying became a bit of an obsession. I’ve been fortunate to live in quite a few places with phenomenal butterfly populations and I usually seek out butterflies where ever I go.

Now that we have moved back to the Pacific Northwest, I’m starting all over again learning about the butterflies in this neck of the woods.

I spend endless hours on identifications, but I welcome corrections when I get it wrong.

“Butterfly photography as a hobby is not particularly susceptible to the law of diminishing returns. No matter how many species you get on film, there are always better pictures to take – sharper, brighter, better backgrounds, the other sex, another surface.” Robert Michael Pyle – Handbook for Butterfly Watchers

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